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December 17, 2012


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Hi Jodi. I really appreciate your sentiment. But people do need to feel like there is some connection between us - even if it is a longing for something we no longer have (or never had to begin with). I think "we persist in the lie" because we have to - we need it in order to go on. Of course that contributes to political apathy and is perhaps the greatest obstacle to mass mobilization.


A great post, Jodi. Let's not also forget the role of religion in both "keeping calm" and "carrying on". If God has "called [the Newtown children] home", as Obama said in his Newtown speech, then there must be a plan somewhere that we're unaware of. Maybe the best we can do is, as Obama did at the end of his speech, ask God to "bless" and "watch over" us (where "us" of course includes "the United States of America").


nice post, Jodi. A local resto owned by Brits had the sign up a couple of years ago - bfore it became precisely that kind of meme (which I track ethnographically by when phrases become the kind of posters that appear on undergraduates' dorm walls). But you should really write a book on the lacanian-materialist paradoxes of yoga - Less than Nirvana?

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