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March 14, 2012


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I'm outraged by the outrage here, I've heard co-workers talking about this story, which has close to zero interest for me (except in its fascinating reception by the public!), I mean, a refugee from a den of thieves holds forth on their lack of honor and suddenly, after all else wer've seen, it's big news? I'm appalled and fascinated by the size of the story, but the story itself is almost nauseatingly banal, too awful to read and digest. This is Richard Slotkin's "man who knows Indians" come forth, like Jesus' resurrection, to tell the story of his time "behind enemy lines" or worse, a tale of how all used to be well until "greed got in the way". Ugh. Then again, as Slotkin wrote in "Gunfighter Nation", the public may have been too sensitive to actual events while the worst of the crisis was taking place, and a few years must pass before an acceptable narrative can be marketed, so now is the time for this actor to take the stage.

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