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February 07, 2012


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from a friend of a friend: http://www.wildwildleft.com/diary/2612/perspectives-on-hedges-cancer-in-occupy

Robert Allen

I found Diane Gee's article on Wild Wild Left wildly idiotic except for the line about "non violent fundamentalism". It is good that Black Bloc is bringing class conflict back to the fore, taking the stage away from the peaceniks who have infested our Occupy group with blather about "corporatism" instead of denouncing capitalism in terms of class conflict. Shooting the messenger Chris Hedges, however, when he points out that Black Bloc idiocy will turn away the support of the masses just when it was within our reach, is astounding however, especially gross is connecting Hedges with the cancer that killed her husband. Extremely offensive; I am appalled that people would buy into such complete shit, and the above article, with its hissing anger at Hedges, is also ignorant in the narrow sense of the word-- as a revolutionary socialist I am for all out class warfare, and everybody knows the police are mean,, but to attack Hedges as if HE is the one dividing the movement is well, dare I say kind of idiotic and ignorant, though I would wish for a kinder choice of words but there don't seem to be any.

Jodi Dean

Bob--I appreciate your comment. At this point, though, I don't agree. Hedges used the term cancer in his piece, so he opens himself up the criticism. Also, Hedges is the one screaming against Black Bloc as divisive, as if that were the biggest problem, rather than police violence, say. So, I think the response to Hedges make sense. He's also wrong on so much of what he says, yet seems so self-righteous, that, again, I don't think the attacks on him are unfounded--I think they are spot on. It's particularly maddening because he has been on the right side of all this (as far as I know) up till now. And, it's an empirical question, I think, whether tactics that are not suitable for toddlers are useful/attractive or not. Some people appreciate the bravery and the standing up to power a lot more than they do a useful march with flowers and banners.


Emma Goldman:

"The ignorant mass looks upon the man who makes a violent protest against our social and economic iniquities as upon a wild beast, a cruel, heartless monster, whose joy it is to destroy life and bathe in blood; or at best, as upon an irresponsible lunatic. Yet nothing is further from the truth. As a matter of fact, those who have studied the character and personality of these men, or who have come in close contact with them, are agreed that it is their super-sensitiveness to the wrong and injustice surrounding them which compels them to pay the toll of our social crimes. The most noted writers and poets, discussing the psychology of political offenders, have paid them the highest tribute. Could anyone assume that these men had advised violence, or even approved of the acts? Certainly not. Theirs was the attitude of the social student, of the man who knows that beyond every violent act there is a vital cause."


This ain't Greece. This movement isn't even a year old yet. The rough removal of peaceful protestors will build support random violence and window breaking will lose it.

Dusty Taylor

I think Hedges came off, in the article, as a very pompous individual.

Black Bloc in Oakland has been hiding behind the OWS movement and has not taken personal responsiblity for their actions, which should tell anyone that the possibility exists that they are nothing more than agent provocateurs..which the rightwing has already done in several OWS actions..take the one in DC where a rightwinger, acting as part of the OWS movement, stormed a museum and then wrote about how the rest of the protesters did not follow his lead.

If and when they claim responsibility for their actions I will support their right to do whatever they see fit in protesting and/or reacting against the inequality in our systems here.

We had plenty of types of violent and non-violent actions during the Vietnam War, The Weather Underground comes to mind. They were pilloried by the non-violent wing at the time, so these types of actions are not new in our recent history. At least the WU took full responsibility for whatever they did. This is not the case for the Black Bloc actions in Oakland..not yet anyway.

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