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December 11, 2011


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i covered that a couple times last winter; what i wrote then started by citing this:
that letter illustrates spending priorities that we already knew about, but can someone please tell me how the administration could arrive at that decision? what is the thinking behind that? surely they know the arithmetic, what a pittance that heat aid program is, the cost of a couple stealth bombers...i was around when that HEAP program was started, after several people were found frozen to death after the severe winters of 77-78...i still recall the words of the East Ohio Gas spokesman talking about an old guy named Zimmer who's gas had been turned off for non-payment "if you dont pay your bills, you get terminated" ...to give you some perspective, my cost for the past 5 weeks of heat oil was $640 (184.5 gallons @ 3.246 + tax); i can squeak by, but if these cuts go through you can bet we'll see some people living in their own homes freeze again...

last year one report from NJ indicated 2/3rds of those ordering heat oil were buying in 50 gallon or less increments; that's hardly a weeks worth; its clear some people were having to chose between heating and eating


A few years ago when we weren't making enough income, we were alloted 100 gallons from Citizens Energy.


Not much mind you, but better than the alternative of freezing. The group is partnered with CITGO, which is in turn owned by none other than that 'axis of evil' country, Venezuela. I have to wonder just who the evil country is when our won is cutting out help and CITGO is still offering.

Unfortunately they ran out of the supply they were offerring last year by the end of January, so if anyone knows someone in the NE who needs help tell them to get the application in now!

Adelle Wines

Heating up to help the poor in the northeast is indeed a noble work to consider....showing our concern and love to them worth more than any material thing here on earth.

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