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November 30, 2011


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Robert Allen

you know you're doing something right when you're damned with this faint of praise- at least you "made clear" the connection between OWS and Marxism!


Reminds me of Lenin's "opportunists" from The State and Revolution:

"They omit, obliterate and distort the revolutionary side of his teaching, its revolutionary soul. They push to the foreground and extol what is or seems acceptable to the bourgeoisie."

People never change, I guess.


Hi Jodi, long time no speak. I wonder what you think of the author's conclusion - that the 99% don't share your desire for revolution. I will say personally I am ambivalent about this: I don't particularly want revolution but my opinion has been evolving. I used to think the system could reform itself, a new form of Keynsian renewal. Now it appears the system is incapable of self correction, which begs the question of what is the alternative? I don't think most people in the United States are ready for what is coming, but if intellectuals are to have a role it must involve imagining what may come next. Thank you for embracing that role. Take care.

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