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November 21, 2011


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Chris Ruth

Well, historically the basic strategy of nonviolence isn't to ignore state violence, but to provoke it (which makes the ensuing outrage, for example the crowd screams at Davis, a little disingenuous).


The important thing is to make clear to the 99 percent that the state is being violent. This is a media war. Everyone who sees the UC Berkeley, UC Davis or Oakland Tear Gas videos and photos can see the extreme violence of the system.
Pictures of Oakland Protesters breaking windows and lighting barricades on fire muddy the Message. Articles like this fetishize violence and and give support to the Vandals who destroy local support for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Robert Allen

"This is a media war".

well then it was lost before it began, as the ruling class owns the media. My priveleged white co workers let the media tell them what to think. It is in the OWS camp where human solidarity and real action for systemic change plays out; I guess what I'm saying is "local support" means support from petit bourgeois aspirant white homeowners with all their fetishes who do not favor any real revolutionary change as long as Dancing with the Stars is on. The OWS movement is both a reaction by petit bourgeois layers to the crisis AND a petit bourgeois liberal do gooder-led movement, hence the mantra about non violence and the misguided tropes about reform with its nebulous airy-fairyness. Beneath the surface however, we have some new militant young rebels in those tents ready to fight, along with homeless and marginalized folks who are sincerely depending on this movement to deliver for them in real, urgent ways. The degree that violence as a tactic is used may be determined by material conditions as the class continues to move. Handwringing of the type E.J. Dionne purveys is the default postion of garden variety liberals. I hope this thing spins out of their control, and it very well may....

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