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November 09, 2011


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Douglas Lain

Two things: A default and the collapse of the Euro and European banks will hurt working people probably just as much as austerity. The Capitalist system requires a massive collapse in order to get back on its feet and start working again. There is a need for a reboot.

Revolutionaries, anti-capitalists, and most certainly communists should not fall for the trap of asking whether austerity or default is more humane, or which one we prefer. We should be asking what we should be pushing for in order to establish a new system, in order to create the will to break from the current game. So, yes, fight austerity, but at the same time be ready for what default will mean and don't think that the system's crisis is automatically your gain.

Jodi Dean

I don't disagree that collapse won't be painful for working people--my point is that austerity is no less painful; they are screwed either way, and, in fact, more screwed by austerity because austerity will not prevent collapse.

You say the Capitalist system requires a massive collapse to start working again. I am not quite sure how to understand this. Working for whom? I am opposed to a capitalist re-boot. We need a system that is not based on exploitation, growth, and accumulation.

I agree that the question for communists is not austerity or default. One of our tasks is demonstrating to potential allies that that is a false choice.

The Mathmos

You hit the nail on the head about "the markets" being an euphemism for the criminal sovereignty of offshore capital. I hope no one outside of the mainstream media mistake it for anything else.

Douglas Lain

I too oppose a reboot. When I said Capitalism needs one in order to work again I meant that in order for profit making to resume Capitalism needs to collapse. Capital needs to be destroyed in order for Capitalism to survive.
The question of austerity or default is just a question of how we are to manage this destruction.

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