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October 28, 2011


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Thanks, for posting this. I have read so many self-congratulatory accounts of the General Assembly process, but I find it about as alienating at being forced to vote for a two party system.
In Occupy Oakland we have an invisible hierarchy where the Black Bloc essentially decides the direction of the entire protest, because of gridlock in the General Assembly.

Robert Allen

The GA's in Des Moines are too awful to watch; the anarchist types have been hippie punched out of the picture and liberal dogooders control the agenda (plus a few plain control freaks with no discernable politics), no, it's all about me and this geography, it doesn't matter how awful their stated politics, it is about the space thats' been carved AWAY from banal neoliberalism, and simply occupying it- I wrote this poem about it:

Occupation Forces

sometimes it's a good thing there's no there there
so you can get on with the good things in life

my co workers
jumbled together then torn apart in the anarchy of the wake of our
disciplined time together
we barely touch because I don't reveal much of myself
and they, trapped in ideology's netherworld, preoccupied,
are so fucked in the head they talk and think the other
person is listening but they are lost in their own private

there was no there with my fat jeebus whore sisters
there is no there with my in laws
and no there with my privileged white job
no there with my deer hunting racist friend
or my rightwing henpecked buddy who said rightly I was
a socialist who'd never survive in a kibbutz

all no there

there is the occupation
there is the fight for socialism
there is my body in the fight
life is good

right wing thugs beat up the guy in the wheelchair
on security detail one late night

he had to go to the hospital

I helped put up tents and makeshift insulated flooring
gonna be a bad winter
it felt good to work against capitalism
instead of for it

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