October 20, 2011

OWS demands working group: Jobs for All! « LBO News from Doug Henwood The anarchists are not happy about this, and are trying to block its adoption by the General Assembly. If you like it, please attend, agitate, comment, circulate, whatever. If you don’t like it, please reflect on the size of the potential constituency for this agenda compared with that for your own. TEACH-IN: DEMANDS WORKING GROUP PANEL Saturday 3:00-5:00 PM 66 W 12th St Rm 407 Part of Day-long Teach-in sponsored by the New School Senate What’s the story about the proposed Jobs for All Demand? The Demands Working Group of Occupy Wall Street unanimously endorsed and is circulating for discussion the following demand, which will be submitted to the General Assembly of OWS: “Jobs for ALL – A Massive Public Works and Public Service Program We demand a massive public works and public service program with direct government employment at prevailing (union) wages, paid for by taxing the rich and corporations, by immediately ending all of America’s wars, and by ending all aid to authoritarian regimes to create 25 million new jobs to: -Expand education: cut class sizes and provide free university for all; -Expand healthcare and provide free healthcare for all (single payer system); -Build housing, guarantee decent housing for all; -Expand mass transit, provided for free; -Rebuild the infrastructure—bridges, flood control, roads; -Research and implement clean energy alternatives; and -Clean up the environment. These jobs are to be open to all, regardless of documentation/immigration status or criminal record.” Come to this open teach-in to learn about this demand,...
David Graeber: On Playing By The Rules – The Strange Success Of #OccupyWallStreet « naked capitalism This time it didn’t. True, there were all the predictable conflicts. Most of New York’s grumpier hard-core anarchists refused to join in, and mocked us from the sidelines as reformist; meanwhile, the more open, “small-a” anarchists, who had been largely responsible for organizing the facilitation and trainings, battled the verticals in the group to ensure that we did not institute anything that could become a formal leadership structure, such as police liaisons or marshals. There were also bitter battles over the web page, as well as minor crises over the participation of various fringe groups, ranging from followers of Lyndon LaRouche to one woman from a shadowy group that called itself US Day of Rage, and who we sometimes suspected might not have any other members, who systematically blocked any attempt to reach out to unions because she felt we should be able to attract dissident Tea Partiers. On September 17th itself, I was troubled at first by the fact that only a few hundred people seemed to have shown up. What’s more the spot we’d chosen for our General Assembly, a plaza outside Citibank, had been shut down by the city and surrounded by high fences. The tactical committee however had scouted out other possible locations, and distributed maps: around 3 PM, word went around we were moving to location #5—Zuccotti Park—and by the time we got there, I realized we were surrounded by at least two thousand people. The real credit for what happened after that—within a matter...

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