October 25, 2011

Solidarity from Cairo From Egypt to Occupy: Keeping Going and Don't Stop To all those in the United States currently occupying parks, squares and other spaces, your comrades in Cairo are watching you in solidarity. Having received so much advice from you about transitioning to democracy, we thought it’s our turn to pass on some advice. Indeed, we are now in many ways involved in the same struggle. What most pundits call “The Arab Spring” has its roots in the demonstrations, riots, strikes and occupations taking place all around the world, its foundations lie in years-long struggles by people and popular movements. The moment that we find ourselves in is nothing new, as we in Egypt and others have been fighting against systems of repression, disenfranchisement and the unchecked ravages of global capitalism (yes, we said it, capitalism): a System that has made a world that is dangerous and cruel to its inhabitants. As the interests of government increasingly cater to the interests and comforts of private, transnational capital, our cities and homes have become progressively more abstract and violent places, subject to the casual ravages of the next economic development or urban renewal scheme. An entire generation across the globe has grown up realizing, rationally and emotionally, that we have no future in the current order of things. Living under structural adjustment policies and the supposed expertise of international organizations like the World Bank and IMF, we watched as our resources, industries and public services were sold off and dismantled as the...
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Occupation targets banks The Occupy Wall Street movement in Minnesota, which has set up an encampment in downtown Minneapolis, has targeted banks in the past week to protest student debt and home foreclosures. Students are angry over the rising cost of education and the ever-increasing corporate control of academic institutions. The occupation has targeted demonstrations at the downtown offices of Wells Fargo and TCF. OccupyMN.org cited a 2010 report on foreclosures in Minnesota by HousingLink.org that points out there were more than 25,000 foreclosures in the state last year. A local group, MN Neighborhood Organizing for Change, has charged that home foreclosures by banks have drastically affected funding for the Minneapolis Public Schools District. The organization calculates that Minneapolis schools have lost $28 million in state funding due to bank foreclosures that have driven families out of their homes and thereby students out of the Minneapolis public schools. The WSWS spoke to Dan, who has been camping out at the Hennepin County Plaza, renamed the “People’s Plaza,” since the first day of the occupation. “Basically, I’m an economic refugee in my own country,” he said. “I was a good little corporate drone. And before I was a corporate drone, I was a government drone. “When George Bush became president, I worked for Hennepin County. Governor Tim Pawlenty cut local government aid and that trickled down and affected Hennepin County severely. I didn’t have enough seniority and I got the boot. “Then I got a job at an investment banking firm. It was through...

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