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October 25, 2011


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The pressure from many Occupiers to "compromise" with the Community Board to limit the drum circle (to 4 hours!!) is disappointing, to say the least. What has/will the Community Board done for OWS? What has it done for the drummers, (of whom I am an occasional member?) Do we need it anyway? I've yet to hear any evidence. And to think that a fight against Wall ST. wont and shouldn't ruffle a few neighborhood feathers along the way, (like, of a "Community Board" in the noisy ninth circle of hell,) is beyond ridiculous. Yes, I know long-term planning is important, as is the appropriate feathers to be ruffled in a timely strategic manner... but all the lets-all-join-in-a-circle- mic-checking going down at zucotti park, one after another, began sickening me weeks ago. One "working group" after another, all "reporting back" about petty bureaucratic, i.e., "democratic," minutia. I suspect some ulterior motives from know-it-all college graduates who initially did not even think to include the drummers in this "compromise." Fuck dat!

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