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October 22, 2011


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Yeah. The stark lack of anything concerning economic democracy ("we'll democratize trade!") is the dead give-away. Maybe that could or should emerge as a organizing principle, that is economic democracy. Of course, it's vague but that's some of the advantage. Mostly it keeps the discussion on political economy and the resource economy, to what ends it exists and for whom.


I asked my cuny students (mainly working-class people of color) today how many of them had been down to ows. None of them had. The protests are a 15 minute subway ride away from our classroom. I don't think that the calling for more L3Cs (or any of the rest of this technocratic gibberish) is going to get my students excited about the protest. The scary thing is that a sizable section of the core occupiers think this will help the movement grow.

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