October 22, 2011

Not an alternative to demands: against the Liberty Square Blueprint #occupywallstreet An alternative to the demands proposed by the demands working group at OWS is the Liberty Square Blueprint. This is not an alternative. On the contrary, it manifests a set of deep capitalist convictions, the merger of capitalism and new media characteristic of communicative capitalism. Their vision of the world is one of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs--or, actually and specifically, of New York as a city of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs (what happens to everyone else? where are the 99%? mining coltan and jumping out the windows of Chinese factories?). Who wrote this? Folks from Google? It's cut from the same cloth as all those efforts to reduce this last year of revolution to the internet. Since that is clearly false, and when the actions are happening in our own cities we know how false it is, they are now trying to remake the occupation as a demand for more media. Please. It's not 1984. In this proposal, NY becomes the head, the pinacle, of a global movement of the networked elite. Admiring eyes gaze upon NY as a mecca--not much horizontally here. Really? You think that 99% of the people can be employed in media, communications, and design?You think that urban farming can feed NYC's millions? This is neither reform nor revolution--it's an imagination of oneself as the 1%. Notice: homelessness still exists; there is no demand or intention of housing for everyone. Notice: charity is important; there is no effort to eliminate inequality. An excerpt from the proposal: Make NYC...

Jodi Dean

Jodi Dean is a political theorist.

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