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October 24, 2011


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How pathetic is this? If a GA can't even come to and enforce a decision on what is ground it "occupies" how can it ever dream of becoming some sort of constituent power? Time to get serious people. COMBAT LIBERALISM.

Jonathan Skinner

to detourn Lefebvre: "Today more than ever, the class struggle is inscribed in sound. Indeed, it is that struggle alone which prevents abstract sound from taking over the whole planet and papering over all differences . . . 'Change life! Change society!' These precepts mean nothing without the production of an appropriate sound. A lesson to be learned from the Soviet constructivists of 1920-30, and from their failure, is that new social relationships call for a new sound, and vice versa."

Matthew Black


Long-time reader, first-time poster.

is it possible to contact the working group which sent this message and ask them to send more information and clarification? I know a lot of people are concerned about this, but there seem to be some logical holes in the account.

First, between paragraph 2 and 3: why is that, if there is only one disruptive (are we to read, 'only one uncooperative?') individual of particular concern, the drumming is continuing as before in contradiction to what the CB has requested? Also, the end of paragraph 4 lists three criteria that the CB has asked for (sanitation, safety, and generally effective mediation) and that are not currently being met, but the drumming problem only seems related to the last criterion.

I agree wholeheartedly with mediation's attempts to sort this out and I'm sure they're exhausted and overworked, but I think it would be useful to have some clarification here, particularly since the message seems likely to spread.


How about you idiots just pack it up and go home (maybe get a job?).

Daniel Kauffman

A charge often leveled against Western Civilization is its past history as regards indigenous populations.

So how does OWS fare on this issue? They have occupied Zuccotti Park and the street people who used to use it the street vendors who plied their wares there are? Gone

The indigenous local population who used the Green Square as a source of spiritual refreshment in the midst of the Concrete Jungle have been forced out. Passersby and local residents who have no part in the wrongs OWS purports to demonstrate against have been
Harrased spit upon and degraded.

In the Past the displacement of indigenous populations was justified on the tennants that those who drove them out had "better uses" for the land they stole

What is the Moral Justification for OWS???


More than one commenter here has weighed in on what OWS should do after the new wears off, and now one questions its justificarion outright, yet it seems simple to me: these protesters are only one step removed from, and in fact in a sense are, the "street people". Many of these comments are dripping in class predudice of a sort, as if there were spoiled college kids on the one hand and homeless, foreclosed in more ways than one drug and alcohol addled bums (now elevated to "indigenous people" status!) when in fact we're all the same; we're all in this together-- the college age kid is as unemployed as the bearded old sot who'd be in that park anyway. My point is, these are Hoovervilles of a sort, places where people have been pushed to collectively, not discrete segments, some of which "don't belong".== Bob Allen

Daniel Kauffman

LOL no one got "elevated" to any status they hold that status because they were there before the Occupation which BTW is WHY it can be called an Occupation, Occupations by definition are when an inhabited area is subjagated to conquest by an alien invasion.

Yeah the Occuppiers are just like the menally challenged homeless man in Oskland who was pepper sprayed, beaten and driven out of the park there.

Of course you sneer and talk about drunks and drug addicts which makes it OK that the street vendors who used to make their living there have been driven out, or that the locals and passerbys are harrassed attack and spat on BTW what does being in the Coast Guard have to do with crony capitalism??

as for college age kids and bearded old sots? One difference is they youngsters usually have some place they could go they are their because they choose to not because they have nowhere else to go.


Sign Up At The New Revolution Earth Social Media Site And Help Support The Occupiers. The Occupy Movement is our chance to create equality. If we all get involved or at least participate we will grow and we really could make a difference.....http://www.rev-earth.org.

Robert Allen

Daniel, I'm amazed at your command of historical materialism, much like Ward Churchill was amazed at the concern of bourgeois pundits' response to "Chickens Coming Home to Roost" wherein he made his infamous Little Eichmanns" remark about WTC victims: "I didn't know there were so many Marxists in New York, (suddenly) concerned about the fate of poor and working people".

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