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September 20, 2011


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Yahoo blocked e-mails about Wall Street protests

thinkprogress video of the results:


Robert Allen

Not that I'm a big expert on this (and say so to my everlasting shame, btw), but anyone reading this and planning to attend any sort of protest, which I hope is alot (wish I could be there): Do not underestimate the possibility of police antagonism, that is, in Chicago I saw very agressive cop behavior. They will do stuff like "mean mug" you, like thrust their nightsticks at you and try to elicit a response from you. Stay with your friends, don't let them catch you alone or even lagging behind to watch a cop beat down of some young Black Block type such that you are detached from a larger crowd segment. They will actually taunt you with agressive body movements, while they march along in formation beside you. Do not take the bait. This is collective action, they've got you (right where they want you) when you start to resist as an individual in a big crowd setting. They can really hurt you. This is the point we've come to folks, it requires bravery and self discipline.
I salute all the protesters and wish I could be there.

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