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September 18, 2011


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I wouldn't give them much credit for trying. Real people like myself are struggling and these folks don't have a clue.


This is an incredibly superficial and uncharitable account of what's been happening in the Wall Street area since Saturday. I was there all weekend and I can emphatically say that the people in Zuccotti Park - who have occupied the space for two days now - are not "the global justice movement without the labor unions and NGOs," nor are they "very young, very white, very countercultural." They are diverse, politically sophisticated and very angry. Since Steven Sherman stayed for only 45 minutes, he missed the wildcat march of around 200 people, which culminated in an attempt to break into the Cipriani building on Wall Street. (The attempt was thwarted by police.) He doesn't understand the purpose or process of a general assembly and can't overcome the political categories of the 1990s. He's thus incapable of recognizing a new social movement when he sees one.

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