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September 29, 2011


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Thanks for posting this article. Are the unemployed occupying Wall Street? Or is it just anarcho-kids?
I saw an interview with one of the long-term unemployed on Russia Today and she was asked why aren't the unemployed taking to the streets. She replied they have no money so they are stuck at home.


i think it's healthy to protest and speak your mind and certainly a good thing to express it peacefully but a few things really bother me and actually one OUTRAGES me. First the fact the "occupywall street " group states they were inspired by the Egyptian revolution is beyond ludicrous, how dare they compare themselves to the people of Tahrir. I was in tahrir and lived through it and now im downtown NYC and see the " occupywall street : folks. You cant compare. American's in general don't know what " real " suffering is and they have no idea what police brutality can be. The occupywall street might have been a good or noble idea that just went wrong. Right or wrong it just appears like an entitled generation that is looking to blame everyone else and wants a hand out.

Robert Allen

Ironies abound here, but I'll focus on the question, what if the anarcho-kids and the unemployed were the same? And what if the resistance to capitalism and its police brutality was the same here as in Egypt? I mean, should we all relax in front of TV )"stuck at home") and not raise hell because things aren't as bad here as they are in Egypt, yet? This is the atomization Marx was addressing in his notion of the "narrow horizon of bourgeois right" (ideology convinces each of us that we do't have a right to complain, since we are better off than a neighbor, etc.)only in a new context.

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