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September 30, 2011


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Here's the declaration!:

"These grievances are not all-inclusive."
Are they trying to sound like the Declaration of Independence, replacing King George with Corporations?
I like consensus, but could you be more concise? Does declaration by committee have to be so long-winded? Who in the MSM is going to take time to read this?


Doug Henwood has backed away from some of the above comments. In particular, he thinks that the movement's biggest slogan--we are the other 99%--actually isn't that bad. It gets at the fact that economic inequality is at the basis of all of the problems we're facing and that we can't address the rest of those problems until we address economic inequality.



I went to the Occupy San Jose 1st assembly yesterday. Instead of marching to City Hall, they decided by consensus what committees to form, then met in committees, then met again.Then said we will march to city hall.Milled around.Then me & hubby left(after waiting to march for 2.5 hr).
They eventually did get to city hall plaza and 10 camped out. More power to them. Maybe the outreach committee should reach out to unemployed people who want to occupy the plaza. My question is:what to occupy in Silicon Valley? Facebook(no, they use that to organize)?Google?(they use Gmail)Apple?
Hard to be anti-corporate when you need your handheld devices.

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