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September 25, 2011


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Graeber is surprisingly optimistic at the end of the article. What strikes me about what he is saying is that it is so obvious even to those that are not leftists or socialists or whatever. Most people I know are disenchanted with the system in general, and the political class and financial elites in particular. The question seems to be what is it that will mobilize enough people in the United States to make a real movement? This question has yet to be addressed.

Jodi Dean

those are the big questions: what will mobilize, how many people are enough, and enough for what.

what we will see for the next year and half will the Democratic Party attempting its politics of extortion on its base: 'the other guys are worse.' They are right that the other guys are worse, but that doesn't make the Dems good enough.


At this point I completely agree with you. I have not been this disassociated from the political system since college.

I am curious how your larger project is going? Particularly, are current events effecting your thinking on the theory appropriate to the moment?

Jodi Dean

Hey Alain, thanks for asking. yeah, they are, in particular the slogan "we are the 99%"--I like how that voices a collective identity without substantializing it in one of the typical identity categories; it fits with what I've been talking about as "the people as the rest of us" yet does it better because there is more of a material component to it. I've been trying to finish a paper on communist desire this week--it's going to be a version of the second to the last chapter of The Communist Horizon. I plan on posting it when the draft is finished. What makes it not great for the book, though, is what I kinda like about--close reading and detailed engagement in a nearly scholastic sort of way with a few different texts....


I look forward to reading it. Thanks.


Yes, the Dems are not good enough.
They are compromised by their reliance on corporate campaign funding, so can't articulate New Deal sentiments and mobilize the non-rich, so dependent they have become upon their corporate overlords. Sad.

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