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August 06, 2011


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Thomas Kiefer

Dear Prof. Dean,
This probably isn't the best post to ask under (or maybe it is!), but I was wondering if you have a short-ish paper of your work available covering the same material/ideas you discuss in Blog Theory. If you do, I would use and assign it in my introductory philosophy course. If not, that's okay!
Thank you,

Xan Cassiel

I cannot explain why this film continues to linger in my brain. It is quite different from the original series of films (though they got in far too many lines from the Charlton Heston film). Very clever the way they set up the sequel, with the Mars mission and the sick airline pilot. So all we have to do now is roll some of these aerosol smart grenades into a tea party meeting and we're on our way....

Jodi Dean

Thomas--I don't have a paper that does the same stuff as Blog Theory although some of the chapters were published as stand alone articles.

Xan--I wonder if part of the appeal of the new movie is that the apes aren't humans; in other words, we know that they aren't people in ape suits and so the film packs an extra kick.

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