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June 27, 2011


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The basic problem that any organized left faces is that most people I know personally, not affluent nor even upper middle class, do not support the rights of public workers. In fact, they think it is inherently unjust that public sector workers have such robust benefits, benefits they think are taken from everyone else through state taxation. And I do not see a clear solution to the conflict - instead of viewing municipal worker rights and benefits as minimal base that everyone is entitled to, most folks see them as a luxury taken from the hard work of everyone else. I believe this largely explains the success of the elite to escape the current crisis with barely a scratch.


In Canada, we're dealing with the fallout of back-to-work legislation for our most militant, progressive major union - CUPW - that represents postal workers. Unfortunately, the fallout is that it appears the public is overwhelmingly hostile to the postal workers and have no issue with the Harper government's tactics. The vitriolic resentment of public workers in this country is terrifying, and I think at least comparable to the sentiment in the US. It seems reminiscent of Zizek's musings on one of the manifestations of the frustrating search for enjoyment. I don't have enjoyment (read: benefits, high wages, job security) but they do (public workers). Therefore, it must mean that they've stolen this enjoyment/benefits from me. Why can't we convince the middle and working class that it's the rich that's stolen these things from us? It should be simple ... obvious even, but nonetheless, here we are.


"Why can't we convince the middle and working class that it's the rich that's stolen these things from us? "

I can't find the quote, but I think it was Fredy Perlman who said "from the moment we're born (in capitalist society) we're trained to be in awe of private property". We're told that the poor are the parasites, and the rich are benign benefactors who give us jobs and since they're smarter than we are, they should be kowtowed to. A rapacious anti Marxism rules the airwaves and print media, which in a right world would at most be seen as beating a dead horse, but years after the collapse of communism the ghost lives on as dastardly "liberalism" or "collectivism". They are still mining it for all it's worth...however, on some level we know the rhetoric and bombast are phony, at least those of us who are still conscious and aren't completely absorbed in our "electronic hallucinations" as Chris Hedges says--
Bob allen

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