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June 28, 2011


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Hi Jodi Dean. I question the argument that Myspace needed to make their interface more like Facebook. I remember in 2005 Myspace was easier to use, more intuitive than Facebook, and it didn't require you give them a college email address, as Fb did initially.

I'd argue that Myspace's subsequent changes to make it more Fb-like made it a bit more user unfriendly, as it were, as they were less successful making it Facebook-like yet easy to use, while simultaneously Facebook abandoned their requirement that you belong to a college network, making it more inclusive.

Also, anyone who spent any time on Myspace around 2005-2007 probably remembers being inundated by bands wanting to be your online friend; many of them had personalized Myspace pages that were probably excessively coarse or colorful for bourgeois tastes, which I suspect many people found off-putting, tarnishing Myspace by association.

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