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June 13, 2011


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John Buckley

Hi Jodi,

Have you checked in with Adam Curtis latest on BBC? All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace. Here's a link


I think you'll enjoy it



Jodi Dean

thanks so much for this link! I knew about this but then it dropped off my radar--will definitely watch it asap!

Alain Wittman

This is information you have discussed in your most recent books but for some reason it sounds strangely foreign in the above context. I can't really explain it but I feel like vomiting, having just realized the consequences of this monstrosity - in fact, just now I couldn't remember my typepad log-in so I am posting this comment through my facebook account. What sort of useful information can they glean from this discussion? That you and I are interested in social media as a topic? That we are vaguely "leftist" in our consumer preferences (whatever that means)? It is just fucking ridiculous - at what point does this stop? And if, like financial capitalism itself, the virtual is infinite, infinitely malleable and unlimited in its application, how does one get outside as long as we continue to use the technology?

Jodi Dean

It's really stunning, isn't it. And I agree in that I've written about similiar themes, phenomena but then reading these details seems somehow worse than I imagined. It's like during the Bush years--no matter what leftists thought, we were perpetually outpaced by (less imaginative than) the right.

Outside: the big question. I admire hackers, but that's a different ball game, different set of tactics, not a skill I have. And, the thing is (and now I'm also thinking of your other comment) there are some advantages to the communicative possibilities we have, particularly under conditions where there are so few public spaces where people come into contact with one another, that is, so few outlets for exchanging thoughts and ideas. There is something liberating about having conversations with people who don't work together, live in the same community, or are related. As you know, I've benefitted enormously from our exchanges. Most of the other contact I have with people (outside this blog) is mediated by work (I count giving invited lectures here, especially since I feel like I have to be 'on' when I give them and it's hard for them to lead to extended conversation over time).

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