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May 23, 2011


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I am in the securites business and I am pretty sure it is illegal to not disclose materially relavent information on an investment. And then on top of that lie about where the securities came from and not disclose that you as the broker dealer are actually taking a short position against the same securities you are selling. If I had done something like this I would be in jail. Goldman does it and they go on making billions of dollars like nothing happened. WTF?

Jodi Dean

It's almost as if there different rules/laws for rich and poor, owners and workers, those with capital and those without, as if the state were an instrument for the domination of the capitalist class. (hope this doesn't sound too snippy--I know that you and I agree on this and that we are both totally outraged--I've had a bad, bad day...)

Chad Nelson

Almost? There absolutely are different rules for them. Goldman Sachs is one and the same with the Treasury and Federal Reserve. They do what they want and get what they want from their pals in Washington, and have no incentive whatever to operate as a business that can fail.

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