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March 07, 2011


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Robert Allen

"...specific conditions of alienation persist for some workers in some sectors"

Another great piece Jodi, I wish I could write like that- this segment on alienation jumps out at me. Yes, we want friends and we want to communicate, but I feel I've been driven off Facebook. I had the fatwa against me where I couldn't make upsetting remarks to my coworkers for a year, and on FB I had difficulty controlling who saw what, friends of friends making wild statements, me attacking right wingers (can't help myself), and it was making me paranoid wondering who was going to rat me out to the bosses next. And they troll facebook looking for info on us, really. So I retreated to the anonymity of my blog where I can be as obnoxious as I want and it goes out into the ether. Maybe it's more about me than the social media, but I can't stand being censored. Facebook is too much like real life, where you have to be nice all the time. Unless you're unemployed and have nothing to lose, then you can say anything you want.


Hi Robert - I couldn't agree with you more. Though my experience hasn't been as invasive as yours, I agree that Face Book is just another public space where one must be cautious on what is said. You never know who is listening and who will be offended.

And I agree with Robert, this is another great piece Jodi. I would add that it is a very concise and effective expression of your position. In the United States I believe we are entering a critical period, when the last vestiges of the middle class will either disappear or reassert themselves. The struggle in Wisconsin (and several other states) has the feel of a last stand, one that has the potential to energize the "focus on antagonism." At least that is my hope.

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