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March 02, 2011


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Some of the comments on this great oped by Mark Bittman about repurposing farm-subsidies rather than getting rid of them could be a case in point for this persona-management stuff.


"Wow, agricultural subsidies have lead to bad outcomes due to rent seeking on behalf of (mainly) corporate farmers. So, the author proposes different subsidies targeted towards those foods/activities which he deems worthy. How about no subsidies for any farmers or particular foods period. Let the market sort it out and we will all be better off."

"I somewhat agree with subsidizing agriculture if it were done with a better objective. For me such an objective would be the promotion of healthful eating, small farms and clean-burning fuel (which would alleviate America's reliance on Middle Eastern fuel, a threat to national security in itself). However, I'm just as well with the simple abolishment of agricultural subsidies all together. I say, this is an area (like banking) in which we, as Americans, really should have a free-market, "shear-competition" attitude, without the thought of welfare."


While not surprising this is very disturbing. The fact that online "discussions" of political issues can now be dominated by corporate interest, and it can be done largely by software, may in fact be the end of democracy on the web. For all you know I am a computer generated persona who is supposed to sound leftist but is really a corporate shill. Jodi, are you a corporate sponsored radical, designed to give the impression that radical political thought is still tolerated?

Of course, I am being silly but at what point does this corporate saturation of communication eliminate the last vertiges of our humanity?


Fortunately, extensive exposure to popular culture has taught me that such a question will make a computer physically explode. So we are safe.

The Mathmos

Reality : one step ahead of your worst paranoid fantasies.

Permaculture Cooperative

that persona management software tender has been removed, new link here

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