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February 09, 2011


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Robert Allen

Very illuminating post, the "impossibility of friendship" jumps out-- articulates exactly why I have a visceral hatred for Facebook, and also gives insight into some friend/family communication problems that have been vexing me since I was radicalized politically in 1996. I can't go back to being a "regular guy" even though my career, family ties and sanity depend on it! A recipe for psychosis, and I know I'm not alone...maybe someday I'll bolster the nerve to see this movie, but like watching survival reality shows, I am too sensitive to enjoy watching folk eat worms to "compete", it's too much like real life to be entertainment for me...

Jodi Dean

Hey Robert--good to hear from you. I don't know completely how you feel, but I imagine I share it a bit when I get so angry at the news (tv and paper) and at those in my work place that I either turn totally inward or lose control. It's particularly awful when I can't see at all why everyone else looks at things so differently. It makes me start to wonder if I'm going crazy. Take care.


Robert, I know exactly how you feel. My career, family and friendships are all built on being a "regular guy." And as a parent I find it difficult not to be overly negative about their future prospects - no just economically but socially and politically. How do I inform and educate my children without turning them into misanthropes or pessimists? I don't think it would be easy to teach a 10 year old to embody a "pessimism of strength" or more appropriately a “Pessimism of the spirit; optimism of the will.”

Robert Allen

http://deadcountry.blogspot.com/2010/12/dec-16-vets-for-peace.html when I'm down I get inspired by Chris Hedges' speech here. 2 years ago I did a senseless act of rebellion against the military and got fired for 3 months, probation for a year.
I now write angry poems as a relief valve; this is a link to my blog, I hope you all like it. I won Nina Power's poetry contest on her blog Infinite Thought, so I am pretty good by my own lights, that is, I've honed a poetic voice anyway. There in that space I can be as anarchistic and obnoxious as I want. I am influenced by deceased punk rocker GG Allin.
We are not going crazy, I am sure we are well adjusted people used to not having to hide our feelings, and it is the culture that is making us schizo. I think.

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