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January 12, 2011


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The book you describe reminds me of this interview with Alex Voorhoeve


Hello Jodi,

I recently finished reading your Blog Theory - great stuff, communicative capitalism and all that. Pretty much on the mark IMO, apart from your extrapolation of the extant economic status quo into the future.

Your points above about income inequality and security are well made, but I don't foresee this state of affairs, essentially transitory in the big scheme of things, as an equilibrium.

Perhaps I could provide a few links to explain:


Much to read there, though I'll hazard that it's lighter and shorter than Blog theory!

I think its important for the leftist professoriat (as I recall some wag recently labelled you) to take a somewhat longer term view of the economic impact (vis a vis returns to labour vs capital and wealth/income inequality) of the distributional impact of population ageing and the phenomenon of peak debt. Peak debt, which is,as I argue in the links above, a stable equilibrium (especially in the context of communicative capitalism), and what's more, an equilibrium that favours reduced inequality, not more.

Patience is of course the essence, but patience in the age of communicative capitalism is extremely scarce - even amongst the leftist professoriat it seems.



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