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December 05, 2010


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Robert Allen

http://wikileaks.nodemaster.de/support.html I donated to Assange's defense fund here.

Account Deleted

Here is a link on "Turkey's Order in the Mirror of Wikileaks"


C. DiDiodato

Check out this interesting WikiLeaks manifesto


Dave Guzman

Hi Jodi, I'm curious to hear your take on Wikileaks - particularly in relation to your book Publicity's Secret.

Jodi Dean

Dave--for the most part, I don't think they reveal anything other than government paranoia; if the governments didn't get all excited about it, the leaks would be insignificant (in the sense I explore in the book: the leaks don't generate publics; they are basically less than scoops, little bits of momentary investment that circulate and stimulate circulation). That said, I think fighting back against attempts to block the sites is important. I also think that it makes sense to think of the wikileaks issues and the larger financial state issues together as coordinated push back against the common, the people, the rest of us, the communist potential.

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