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December 23, 2010


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Nic Beuret

Hi Jodi,

I caught this interview and thought it was great. I'm a part of The Paper collective (http://infinitethought.cinestatic.com/index.php/5549/) and I wanted to ask if you were up for either sending us an excerpt of your text or writing something for us? It would be for the next edition (ed 0) by 16 Feb. If not, the deadline after that is 16 March. It goes out to about 3000 students, university workers, and into circulation more generally around universities, demos and art institutions. If yo unwanted to know a bit more drop me a msg


Jodi Dean

I'd be thrilled to have a piece in The Paper. The interview is Doug's (I don't have a paper copy). I have different texts that might work; it depends on what you want. Maybe we should communicate by email. I am jdean at hws dot edu.

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