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December 31, 2010


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a remarkable and desperate example of this is the Obama Admin./Arne Duncan's Race to the Top, where [public] schools are now being funded by federal *Prize* money.

Jodi Dean

Jocelyn--thanks! I didn't know about this. I'll look for it.


"There is not a huge body of academic research into prizes, but what there is supports them."

Alfie Kohn some? No Contest.


This is amazing, by the way, and reads much like the inter-press commentary segment we've honed that we call "The Well Read Red." It's a shame I already got Albert Einstein lined up in the schedule, otherwise this would be absolutely stupendous to read on air.


You could say the wedding of college and proletarian labor (i.e. work as it means a livelihood in capitalism) already anticipates the contest in moving from a fantasy of "get a degree and your get a ticket into the middle class (i.e. the premium working-class)" to "place your bets on this field [finance, business, "psychology" and "medicine"] because it may make you enough money quick enough so you are not under a pile of debt for your WHOLE LIFE."

Robert Allen

Here is a link to a business blogger who is promoting "The Power of One", a series of fawning pieces on this topic


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