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November 26, 2010


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C. DiDiodato

I found this picture at the "Zeitgeist Spam" blog. Thought it was apropos here.



Interesting exchange. I think it is there real response - many of the bankers feel that the government did impose upon them the deals to buy the failing banks and brokerages. Even at the time, the Bank of America CEO wanted to get out of the Merryl deal once he learned how much bad paper was on their books. I do not mention this to excuse your bitchy bank executive but merely to indicate that they do not wish to recognize that they set the entire mess in motion. They are too smart, too successful, too proud to ever conceive that they as a class fucked up. What strikes me about the aftermath is that the rest of the ruling elite has not called them on it. The only explanation I have is that financialization is so pervasive that there is no element of the oligarchy not infected by it either practically or ideologically.

Thanks for sharing the story.

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