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October 09, 2010


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Hi Jodi

Funny that I saw you'd snipped this post (leaving out the last lines about Woolf and matches??) on the very day a gratis copy of your book "Blog Theory" arrived. I sense a conspiracy of course, which in no way is funny enough to mitigate our despair at the current predicament occasioned by the Browne Report Education attack (dismantling/privatization)... Hope all is well and we see you over here before the education system closes down for good.

Lal salaam
John @ http://hutnyk.wordpress.com


a day later. Browne review read. - Well, I looked at the graphs, skimmed the pics, absorbed the crap grammar. Result: Doom. - Wanna buy some used chalk? Going cheap.

John @ http://hutnyk.wordpress.com

Jodi Dean

this is shockingly grizzly--I feel like I'm present at the burning of the library in Alexandria, except this time it disintegrates into ashes as it smolders for years

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