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September 10, 2010


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No offense Jodi but I find this sort of argument beside the point: hedge fund managers could be the sweetest, most generous guy in the world but the system they benefit from is destroying the rest of us.

Robert Allen

What I find significant about all this is how these dog-eat-dog values filter down into the working class, for example the cruelty of the Tea Partiers toward the disabled who showed up at town hall meetings advocating health care reform, etc. Also, I've talked to more than a few co workers (and this may be an AM radio conservative viral meme, which of course caters to privileged white worker's fears) who actually feel sorry for the rich, after all they are "smarter than us" and they create wealth, so why do the liberals want to tax these poor rich geniuses from whom all blessings flow, inhibiting their capacity to shower us with jobs? I am certain that AM radio and conservative media are a complete course in inverted Marxism, and in a sense, Marxism lives like a zombie through this constant barrage of its inverted memes on the airwaves, as if it must be killed over and over again each day in order to keep white privilege alive...


Thanks for the clarification - it is interesting that Bloomberg is reporting this sort of information. But I assume it is burried amongst a thousand other things talking about the ensuing "recovery" that is taking place. While the rest of us drown.

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