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August 19, 2010


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Conrad DiDiodato

It's also an assault on our youth. The radical youth, such as the Black Bloc at the recent G8/G20 Summit in Toronto,have made it clear that any global debt-reduction measures (such as the 50% by 2013 timeline) agreed upon are little more than thinly veiled disguises for more cuts to social programs and tax breaks & incentives to big business, banks and retiring CEOs, all in the name of globalized competitiveness.It's interesting how militant street protest, & the type of tough social activism that rejects the mainstream can always be scapegoated (and even brutalized) by corporate media, police and business as threats to civic decency.

My views here come by way of the article "Radical Youth & The G20 Aftermath" by Kevin Mackay in "Mayday Magazine" (August 2010 #62) published in Hamilton, Ontario.



Thank you Kevin Mackay for your link.

Thank you Jodi Dean for writing this. When you tell people that there is an attempt to balance the Wage in US with that of developing Countries, they see it as exaggeration or as scare tactic.
But, here it comes. Minqi Li wrote article, End of the End of History. It seems Li is pointing to the Chinese worker to determine the fate of the world. Here is part of interview: http://goo.gl/9Ote

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