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June 27, 2010


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This would certainly explain why so many of Zizek's comments on politics are so weak compared to his more theoretical work. I think if his vanity allows it he should dedicate himself to a great philosophical treatise.

Jodi Dean

I agree.

I also wonder if his comment is also obfuscating. A kind of self-critique that he means and doesn't mean.


Interesting comment - Do you mean obfuscating for us or to himself? It seems to me the above comments sound honest - in fact they might be the reaction of almost anyone who admires his work but finds his "practical" writings a disappointment.

Jodi Dean

Both. This might be why the comments sound honest. For example, one writes something quickly that isn't particularly good, doesn't stand up to critical scrutiny, is basically an initial reaction. Still, one actually thinks this and means it. So even if one wants to distance oneself from the remarks this distancing is actually more difficult than one would like because it is what one thinks.


Like, why don't you also hold his hairy Slovenian balls while you're helping him fornicate, you foolish WOMAN. You have a psychoanalytically flavored excuse for every lie he utters, every hypocrisy, every bullshit. - Parody Lover


I firmly believe that Zizek means exactly what he says. He says what he feels. It may be the case that those feelings come and go, but he is like you or me.
He is not trying to obfuscate anything.
Who is the crackpot from google accts "Parody Lover"?
I like your new page. Much easier to deal with.
And thank you for your insights!


James, I am a Serbian Zizek-hater, dr. Dean's Communist conscience, fan & parody stalker, and an interactive parody artist, all roled into one divine appearance. Jodianne thank you for posting the comment.

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