March 28, 2010

New issue of Theory and Event (13.1) Introduction 13.1 Jodi Dean and Davide Panagia We open this issue with a symposium responding to the tenth anniversary of the English language publication of Giorgio Agamben’s Homo Sacer. Entitled “Form-of-Life: Giorgio Agamben, Ontology and Politics,” the symposium is guest-edited by Richard Bailey, Daniel McLoughlin, and Jessica Whyte. It features Agamben’s “Introductory Note on the Concept of Democracy” and articles by Ewa Plonowska Ziarek, Justin Clemens, Jessica Whyte, Daniel McLoughlin, Nina Power, and Brett Neilson. The articles in issue 13.1 address war, violence, and terror. The first three take up differing assemblages of human and machine. Roy Scranton’s “Memories of My Green Machine: Posthumanism at War” reformats Ernst Jünger’s man-machine symbiosis via Scranton’s own experience as a soldier in Iraq. Rejecting approaches to war caught within the binary of trauma and normalization, Scranton positions the fighting man as animal-become-machine. He provides thereby a phenomenological approach to the post-human that grapples with the diminution of human possibility. Banu Bargu accentuates the idea of humans as weapons, focusing her inquiry on Carl Schmitt’s theory of the partisan. In “Unleashing the Acheron: Sacrificial Partisanship, Sovereignty, and History,” Bargu turns to Schmitt for insight into contemporary forms of struggle wherein fighters are willing to go to their deaths for the sake of the imagination of new forms of life. The third of the pieces on violence and war is from Chad Shomura, who offers the concept of “homopolitics” as an abstract machine generating and relying upon an in/human regulatory ideal. His article “‘These Are...

Jodi Dean

Jodi Dean is a political theorist.

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