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February 04, 2010


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Your quick thoughts remind me of a line from a famous basket ball coach who was tired of criticism from the media: it went something like "all the negativity in this town really sucks." Being negative can be a drag and discourage action, but sometimes it is appropriate.


"Oprah thinking or the political equivalent of taking a positive attitude toward cancer" :)

I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on Commonwealth.

I just started reading "Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies". Your critique of the left academic discourse of depoliticization is brilliant.

As Zizek blurbs on the back of your book you eschew the language of "cheap pseudo-Marxist denunciations". Although you certainly offer heaping scorn on the left's fetishistic celebration of technocratic/consumerist forms of political participation.On this note, I think that Hardt and Negri have (regardless of the limitations of imagining the capacity of the multitude to take power and govern itself)formulated an innovative forward looking image of post-hegemonic/post-capital political possibility.

To arrive beyond the current left impasse, whether that means embracing/inaugurating the ethico-political coordinates of the multitude or not, will necessarily require negative critique/denunciation (castrating those in power as Zizek has suggested), but also commitments to affirmation and love (in order to collectively take responsibility for power).

As Foucault writes being a militant does not require being sad. Enjoy already!


Did I misread this, or did you say you consider sacrifice a bad idea for political mobilization? Or is it just that it's worse then a politics not based on sacrifice? I would be interested in hearing why, since I think this would be a point of disagreement with Žižek, who is going around shouting 'we should rehabilitate discipline, civility and sacrifice!'

And what's wrong with cooperation as a political idea? Did you write anywhere on this?


Thanks for this. I made a short post on this over at my blog. Look forward to reading the rest of your posts.


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