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January 31, 2010


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Thank you for this - it is clear that there has been a simmering civil war for decades. And much historical analysis supports this - think of Rick Perlstein's books.

What is interesting for me personally is that I bought into the rhetoric Obama used during the campaign, that people were tired of the divisiveness, that he was going to "lower the temperature" of political discourse, etc... He was saying this while people were simuoltaneously shouting out "traitor" and "kill him" at Sarah Pallin rallies. The media pundits took his victory as vindication that Obama was correct, that a younger electorate didn't harbor the old prejudices, and that a new era had begun. Unfortunately, no one told the millions of middle age and older white folks who think his was born in Kenya.

I think now the question is not only how to respond but who responds? Clearly the democrats are not interested in further antagonizing these folks, as if by keeping a low profile and mouthing some empty platitudes they could placate the angry masses. I do not see any groups of the left prepared to fight back - because the democrats have given us nothing to rally around. so if the economy doesn't turn around any time soon, the Republicans are likely to continue to dominate the public discourse and win back the government.

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