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October 29, 2009


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The Death of Blogging.

I am not big on lolcats. But perhaps someone typing at a computer in their underwear?


sorry, but none of the above and yes...

Jocelyn Atkins

after blogging, after blog, death of blog seems strange because afterall, if there is a book about it, it suggests to me that we aren't "after" or in the "death" but immanently in it. but as for me, you had me at DRIVE, anything with drive i'd want. so blog/theory/drive.

as for the cat, what is the cat going to say? i mean is there some evident irony involved? if so that could be funny. but then, i had to google what lolcat was before i commented, so i may not be the best person to ask.


how about a fat balding hairy shirtless white guy typing on a laptop while sitting on the toilet with his stained briefs covering the private parts and call it 'all blogged up'


death of blogging


Blog Theory


jodi, what about "infinite theory"?


I like Blog/Theory/Drive but the editor doesn't (I think it evokes Image/Music/Text). The editor likes Blog Theory (and also suggested some of the other options, which are variations or repetitions of chapter titles).

Another cover idea includes doing something with a word cloud, but that can create problems of reading the title...they want an answer, but I don't have one yet...

Mehmet Çagatay

"This fact I emphasize with stress,
I never steal a book unless - Somebody's writing.

Captain is a very moral man.

Hooray for Captain Blogger, The E-book explorer... Hooray Hooray Hooray"

Since there are already a lot of titles that proclaim deaths of countless things, i suggest one which would imply what is dead in blogging:

"Return of the Unblogged"


Return of the Unblogged is very good--in some ways, it does point to the undercurrents of drive that are a key part of the argument...although the return in drive isn't quite the return of the repressed but more the return of the sublimated...but is it too cryptic?

or just cryptic enough?!?!

Mehmet Çagatay

ms.dean, more than "the return of the repressed", "the night of the living blogger" was in my mind. Anyway, i think it would be a very good title if the goal is to incite reader's interest. you really don't want a title including such boring and predictable words as theory or dead. "after blogging" might be fine but it evokes terry eagleton's book.


Why People Blog.


We've Got Blog Theory (with a review attached called "Deconstructing 'We've Got Blog Theory'")

But seriously, I think something with Affective Networks is best, because it tells me the most about what's inside.

Also, for some reason that title is the best fit if you're going with an LOLcats cover.


"Blog Theory" doesn't tell me enough (and sounds like a textbook). The "death" & "after" titles say something that is probably too specific. And "Affective networks" says something altogether different (and sounds like a lot of other people's work). "Blog/Theory/Drive" tells me this is a book by Jodi Dean. That gets my vote.

Old - Doug Johnson

Affective Networks or the Return of the Unblogged

Bob Allen

I agree with Old. Unless you can come up with a cutesy, mass market oriented title with conveys the same thing but then that kind of audience wouldn't connect with this author. I liked "After Blogging", out of a weak field, because it conveys a sense of where we're at socially speaking and segues into the notion of communicative capitalism that I'm sure would be a sub subject of any work by Jodi.
Blogging imo is/was the last stand of "real" communication, next stop is the neofascism and/or self censoring (yes I'm equating these, I'm not an academic but I know a thing when I see it) of Facebook and the triteness of a now dimming Twitter-sphere.


Blog Dreams: Drive, Affect, Theory in the Public Sphere.


Theory in the Blogosphere.

(That's not a serious entry, but I like the contest, maybe the winner gets a cupcake!)


I like Affective Networks. Everything with Blog and theory in the title would make me not want to pick it up, I read plenty of theory and blogs -- affective networks, however, makes me feel good inside.


Theory in Blogland




I like the first two.


After-Blog Theory?

What about "After the Blog is Gone"? Earth, Wind and Fire? LOL.

Jeff Wild

To Blog or Not to Blog?


A Bog of Blogs...?


"Return of the Unblogged" is good.

I think the era of the slash title has passed, sadly. Sad because it was able to make connections without causality.

How about "User Generated Content"? There are at least three double meanings there.


is "death of the blogger" too cheesy?

Drone Module


just because it sounds like after-birth.


Pop the blog


either 'pop goes to blog bubble' or blog theory!


that's 'pop goes the blog bubble'

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