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October 29, 2009


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Have you read Dolar's book on voice?Interested in your thoughts...I also avoid the "accoustic mirror" and prefer text-based communication. No, there is no voice of the people. The cacophonous "we" is too alienating, nevermind the allure of a smooth, melodic representative voice.


But isn't there, sometimes, in groups, something like a voice of the moment, when many are barely beginning to react against a bad idea or oppressive tendency of some kind? When one of the group is able to articulate that voice, others sigh even if they couldn't have found the words or the gesture. Something like the voice of sanity, which depends on its context, like some sort of plumb bob seeking the leveling perspective.

BTW, Jodi, thanks for your blog & observations, they are wonderful. I'm so glad to have come across them even though I'm mostly out of my depth here.


Vox--yes, I think I blogged about it a year or so ago. The book is beautiful.

Amarilla--thanks for your kind words. I think there may be a voice of the people. I'm not sure it is necessarily or even usually sane. But that might not be so bad, or, differently put, the absence of sanity could make sense under insane conditions.

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