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August 12, 2009


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Bob allen

Excellent-- "we are the death panels".

ginger baker

but why has the left, (even Obama's supporters,) continued to "analyze" and kvetch about "the rage," and NOT mobilized on their own to counter the right? is moveon.org still on summer break? "Progressives" are pathetic...


Have you seen this anti-healthcare editorial by the WholeFoods CEO? Boo.

John Scott Ridgway

Nicely said. The blacks and union merger into one movement is what scares the hell out of the FBI... their proposed reason for following Martin Luther King's wife around for all those years.


While I generally like your take on this Jodi, I still think there is a kernal of real concern that the quote touches on: the reform being proposed is going to limit someone's coverage - the truth is that the US spends almost 18% of GDP on health care and gets pretty crappy outcomes while most other industrialized countries spend 10% - 12% of GDP and get better care. So just from a financial standpoint we need to spend less. Ofcourse, from my stand point we should extract the savings from profits and corporate tax breaks. But in our system, most of the savings (if they take place at all) will come at the expense of choice and breadth of care. The fear that is being stoked, manipulated, and sublimated is based in part on a real concern. Obama is against "killing grandma" but he is certainly in favor of reforms that will save money. That inevitably means limiting expensive procedures that may or may not work - but all people see is that this will limit their "choices" and their "freedom." That is a tough sell, even if it ends up providing more and better coverage.

t dumm



I wonder if a hunk of costs comes from the inefficiencies of the insurance industry.

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