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May 23, 2009


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Bob Allen

"(savings) funds themselves that were part of the buy off of the middle class"..

Exactly; this "bought off" middle class, which at the same time (is it the same thing?) bought into the "myth of the saving worker", is now demoralized and in shock- metanarratives were supposed to be over but this narrative of capitalism-as-religion was supposed to have a different ending, a Heaven of gated security in old age. What happens when the middle class finds out they are working class after all, at the moment when working class institutions (unions et al) have been crushed?


I agree--it makes me think of Greenspan's term 'the traumatized worker'--he used this to explain why workers didn't do more to resist outsourcing and deindustrialization in the 90s. So perhaps now we are seeing the traumatized middle class, which strikes me as a better description than 'outraged' insofar as the manifestations of outrage are pretty lame.


I do not want to start a fight - but this description sounds a bit condescending. As a member of the traumatized middle class, I think while expressions of outrage maybe "lame" to this point, I think we are only at the beginning of the current crisis. Most home forclosures have been concentrated to certain regions of the country, umemployment is still under 10% in most places, etc... As the devastation spreads and becomes more profound, there is bound to be more social unrest. If people do not respond in a more aggressive manner, than perhaps this description will be warrented.


I'm surprised this seems condescending. I wrote after reading about the unemployment rates in Michigan and North Carolina. I was also thinking about the cuts and layoffs that had affected people in my family. I doesn't seem to me that it's condescending to point out that people are not rioting in the streets. The gesture to Greenspan was a way for me to point out that the situation is even worse that we might think--people are so traumatized that they are, at least right now, just rolling over.


I apologize Jodi - I reread the comments and I am clearly being overly sensitive. I am being personally affected right now by health care bills and do not know what to do. I would take to the streets if I thought it would help. Thanks.


omg, Alain, no apology necessary--I value your comments. I hope things work out with all the bills you are facing (and that the family member with poor health gets better and is not suffering).



Larry Castellani

Test post. Sorry. Am I here???

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