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May 24, 2009


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There's a good bit about race and food in an episode of the American adaptation of The Office. I don't fully recall the scene, but it begins with Michael, who tries really hard to be politically correct but always fails, saying something like "colored greens." Stanley, the cantankerous middle-aged, middle-income, from a middle-income background, black man says, "Collard greens." Michael says something to the effect of, "What?" And Stanley, "They're called collard greens." Michael, "That makes no sense. There's no such thing as 'collard people.'" Everyone cringes.

More locally, there was some strange series of events - apparently common throughout the province, but I'd never heard of it until I read it in the local paper - of vacationing Asians being pushed into the water by local white boys. They even had a term for it because it was apparently so common.

Another fishing, ethnic story. My father is a member of a fishing club who own land somewhere in Quebec - I think they cross the Ottawa River at Mattawa - where they hunt and fish mostly for trout. Most of these men are middle and upper middle class professionals from Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, most with connections to the federal Conservative Party. I don't quite know the details, but the next land over is owned by some French-language Liberals. I don't know if they are provincial or federal. Neither camp interacts with one another and they apparently act as though the other doesn't exist.


Really terrific post, thanks for that.


Hmmm, we have two things in common: a Baptist background and a grounding in Marx. Could that be why I like your posts, or to repeat "yourself" is it just pure idiocy.

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