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March 06, 2009


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"It was also supposed to be a simple matter for the masses to take over or "seize" the physical infrastructure of industrial capitalism--the "means of production"--and start putting it to work for the common good". OMG,You Socialists will never get it. You don't just seize someones productive efforts and then live off the fat forever. You will kill the productive drive in man just like you always do and then you will throw your hands up and scream what happened?! You can write all the manifestos and diatribes you want but you cannot rewrite human nature. Man's nature is to succeed, yours is to take what you need by force. The current crisis is not a failure of capitalism much as you try to make people believe. It is capitalism being circumvented and sucked dry by more taxes and regulations and a Federal Government worldwide empire of military bases and foreign aid = their version of your Socialism. It is that Socialistic control and leeching of the productive blood of the USA that has caused this calamity....all in the name of the "common good" I see Elsworth Tooey from Ayn Rands Atlas Shrugged has been resurrected. I'm looking for the Valley so I get away from you people.


No, we don't have any plans. But what we should at least be able to come forward with would be science- and ethicsbased suggestions as to what a possible non-capitalistic society would look like. What types and levels of consumption are feasible, given our knowledge of global population and available ressources? How much inequality would be acceptable (total equality is a non-starter) without leading to social unrest and war? And we might also suggest ways in which local groups and/or communities could start experimenting with changes in such directions. This would force all of us privileged to reassess our own lifestyle and expectations; in what kind of post-capitalistic society would we be prepared to live and raise our children. I am talking education here, not direct political action. Such will have to wait until we have progressed towards a mature humanity through means like the ones I have sketched here.

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