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February 08, 2009


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So what do we do about these Zombies? We're going to have to realize that it will take getting intot he streets by the millions and physically threatening the bastards.


Zombies don't respond to threats. You have to shoot them in the head.


Isn't Sirota's objection to the "bad bank" an example of left-wing state phobia? The role of the state under capitalism is to stabilize the capitalist system; of course, that's going to benefit the capitalists more than anyone else. So, to object to state intervention in the economy because it transfers money to banks is simply to object to state action tout court.


you mean to say that there are words besides 'zombies' in that post? to be frank, I didn't read Sirota's objection as an example to state intervention per se, but as an objection to a particular plan

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