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January 16, 2009


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Bob Allen

If I were a mental laborer instead of a manual one, I would write a tome entitled "Operational Excellence and the Myth of Personal Responsibility" which would more than touch on what you've posted. Basically it would be about the production of desire, and illustrate how we are kind of forced to think about consumerist "choices" like on a menu, and how "efficiency" and "streamlining of operations" play their parts in creating this sort of constructed consciousness--okay , like when you go to a fast food place and they have two windows, one where they take your money and one where they shove out your food, and the second window is the one where they don't have to speak English so well. The process is honed to squeeze the tiniest advantage out of the labor situation, and they give you what you "want" or what you've been told to want. And of course, every time you hear "personal responsibility" think "capitalism".

Chris Horner

We have similar problems about the demarcation of 'responsibility' in the UK -we too got up to our necks in neo liberal casino capitalism. Except 'we' didn't: the vast bulk of us just do our jobs, pay our taxes and live with the consequences of what our masters decree. Now we have been told that the UK (= bulk of working people) will have less schools, hospitals etc in order to pay for the vast debt our country has taken on in bailing out the banks.

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