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January 06, 2009


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I'm reading and grateful for your supercharged cliffnotes, even if they aren't generating conversation like the first post did. The general restraint on editorial comment, while probably quite helpful in actually accomplishing the task you are up to, is giving me lots to wonder about. Understanding before disagreeing or championing is a virtue. But damnit, I want to know what you think (and look forward to where you will end up after all this reading).


thanks, Old. Yes, I am trying to get a sense of the text before I introduce too much of my own critique; at this point, I'm pretty interested in the overlap with psychoanalysis (or the way Foucault can be read through psychoanalysis here). I'm also interested in what for me is the horrifying left attack on the regulatory state.


Old Habermasian's die hard.

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