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November 24, 2008


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I'd think it's not that fame holds such high value but the opposite: that anyone can be famous, by accident as much as anything in the age of viral videos & a plethora of websites pandering to every petty vanity. Certainly, with every semi-mythological icon (from Ozzy Osborne to Hulk Hogan) starring in their own show to prove their daily lives are as haphazard & menial as anyone's, the message would seem to be that: if celebrities can be normal workaday schlubs, then it works both ways.

I also think Patrick McGoohan's 1960s series "The Prisoner" is possibly a better fantastic analogy (not far enough removed from reality for comfort) than "The Truman Show". Especially the episode "Free For All" - sure it goes a little off the rails towards the end, but tell me it ain't scarily prescient with regard to this past election cycle.

John Locker

Jodi, did you see the article on Zizek in the New Republic?


John Locker--thanks for the heads up; I had not seen it.

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