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October 29, 2008


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In honor of the Zizek I want to share the following:

My coworker posted this 'palin'drome all over our workplace the other day (She didn't mess around. She got every floor!).

Sarah Palin
Wasilla’s all I saw.

A fine example of the subject's alienation within language!

Joe Clement

I think, like in his first article on the financial crisis, his critique is one-sided. Zizek will protest against McCain talking about change and "working across the aisle," and say nothing of how this rhetoric functions on the other side of the aisle, as it were. I'm not a rabid anti-Obama person, but it's commentary like this that does little or nothing to convince those who are. Of course, Zizek shouldn't have to pander to those sorts of critics, nor is he really responsible for giving a "fair and balanced" analysis, but when it comes to the ideological critique he's doing I don't know how come he avoids the Democrats.

While there are important differences, it's the same kind of one-sidedness that ZIzek has pointed out when it came to the Frankfurt school and others critically examining Fascism at the expense of Stalinism. Of course, what we have today (neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism) is not a one-for-one repetition of that history, but that the majority of Democrats are or are sympathetic to neo-liberals is as significant as all the bullshit the Republicans pander.

Spivak talks about "strategic essentialism," which is an after thought I had about your comments, Jodi, to your political theorist friend. However, then it occurred to me that what you did was more like "strategic shooting-yourself-in-the-foot," which I think we need more of. Zizek has a massive theoretical gun in his hand, and he's trying to take liberal-democratic hostages instead of (apropos The Usual Suspects) shooting them.

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