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October 09, 2008


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Jodi, as a former student of yours, and an African-American... you never cease to amaze me.

Required viewing: On Hulu.com :
Daily Show Season 13 : Ep. 127 -
Of interest, the dumb vote.

Democratic enlightenment and heuristic tools Prof. D... I hope a majority has them on election day... moving on...

It is hard to talk about this subject.

On one hand there is the brutal truth of self reliance. Things are better now than they were then. There is however a problem, a false reinforcement of this truth by what I would call the "caricatures of black success"... we hear about them in the "pop" world... occasionally about their charitable deeds, but not of the inventors, thinkers and teachers that are also succeeding.
(To be clear, I’d also state that those caricatures also do damage to those in the “Trenches” – they see limited opportunities of escape.)

There is resentment and fear – not out of anyone’s fault. Being real, most of America lives in homogeneous bubbles, limited spheres of influence. The only thing that penetrates those spheres is the “pop”

In some cases it does inspire a desire to try to understand the “other”… it also can reinforce the hatred of how “seemingly” easily a life of luxury was obtained in hard times. And that is only one reason among many to hate the other within these spheres...spheres that honestly believed even up until recently that Osama worked with Saddam... How can you combat that? I wonder how is it possible to question such judgement without being low brow (to an extent) like the daily show clip i reference above..

Not everyone voting for McCain is doing so out of fear or hate… but there is an explosive level of fear fueling hate bubbling up that shouldn’t shock anyone… It has always been there…


thanks, Kareem, for the comment and the references. You're right that not everyone is voting for M out of fear or hate. Some are doing it out of stupidity. Some out of greed. These may be the same people. I was driving today and listened to right wing radio. The hate-monger guy told his listeners that the Nation of Islam supported Obama. This would mean that if they supported Obama, his listeners would be agreeing with the Nation of Islam. Which, he implied, was unforgivable and wrong and the only way anyone could vote for Obama.

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